Ironbridge Regatta
Results - 2011


At Ironbridge racing on Saturday went well but the WIM2 4x were beaten by half a lengh by RAF.

On Sunday the sun was shining and the day was beautiful but rains from Friday found thier way into the river with the water level rising by several feet. The stream was very fast and the rescue launches spent most of their time preventing debris rushing down the course. Needless to say racing started but the race schedule went out the window as races became further and further delayed due to floating debris, (including trees and sheep) and a starter who was trying to line crews up exactly on a imposssible current.

Ben raced in J14 1x about an hour late, (but as it transpired luckily for him) lost in the first round to worthy opposition.  David and Maks boated in the J18 pair, one and a half hours late to find their opposition were girls. Needless to say they beat them by a good 250m this was an anticlimax of a race and seemed rather a waste of time.  The WIM2 quad of Jooles, Nicola, Georgia and Rosie were finally allowed to boat at 5.00pm (an hour and a half after their race time). They sat at the start for an hour in the sun, when racing was suddenly declared cancelled at 6.00pm due to a rescue boat being punctured by a floating tree trunk.

The 20 or so boats held at the start then had to proceed to the disembarcation point feeling very frustrated and let down.


J18 2- Maks Orzel David Ogg