Rowing Club Stories Introduction


I first became a member of Leicester Rowing Club in 1961. The club then bore very little resemblance to the present one and members, from time to time, have encouraged me to record my memories of those times. This, then, is a collection of stories from a bygone age of rowing in Leicester. I have described events as I remember them and memory tends to embellish what actually happened but I have tried my best to be true to the facts because to exaggerate a tale for the sake of producing a good story would be to deny our club a proper record of its history. The period covered is from 1961 to about 1974. I hope you enjoy reading my stories.

Malcolm Neal



Bridget Hull

The Bar

The Regatta

Social Activities


The Day “Blue Peter” Came


Dedicated to the memory of Bridget Hull, without whom our club would almost certainly not exist.