Shrewsbury Regatta



We had a fun and successful day at Shrewsbury.
We finished the day with 2 winning crews, but we also had a number of first round wins with close races in the finals.
WNov 4+  Orla Holohan, Lizzie Campbell, Tilly Ireson, Sorcha Boyd and coxed by Beth Roe
WJ18 4x- of Beth Roe, Gemma Bacon, Lizzie Campbell and Tilly Ireson 
Our WJ13 4x+ won their first round but lost in the final to a very competent Ross crew.
The J16 crew racing at IM3 4x- won the first round by a canvas and then lost in the final by 3 feet. A very exciting pair of races.
The J16 double racing at Nov 2x won their first round, then in a close final visited the bank in the final 200m and went swimming instead.