Jonny Walton at Henley Royal Regatta


Former Leicester rower Jonny Walton, competing in the Double Sculls Challenge Cup at Henley Royal Regatta, with his partner John Collins at bow, put on an outstanding display of power sculling to beat the reigning lightweight World Champions from South Africa.  Last year in the same event, Collins and Walton came up against the French double who were the 2013 lightweight World Champions, and in a race described by Martin Cross as, “one of the best races that Henley has ever seen ”, lost by three feet. 

This year, determined to put the record straight, Collins and Walton controlled the race over the South Africans Thompson and Smith, right from the start.  Collins and Walton went up after about a minute and built up a slight clear water advantage, Thompson and Smith countered with a big push at Fawley to try and come back on terms, but 20 strokes later, Collins and Walton, without raising their rate, really drove the boat forwards with some exceptionally good power sculling all the way to the finish, to win by 2 1/3 lengths.

You can see the whole race on YouTube