LRC clears up at Bedford SBH


On 12th April Leicester Rowing Club had some good results at Bedford Small Boats Head, winning 10 events and being the most successful club.

First up was the double of Olly Dix and Ben Pickering, winning IM2 2x by 8 seconds, who were the fastest 2 x on the day. They won IM3 from another Leicester crew of Dave Smith and also featuring Ben Pickering, who were a further 1 second up on Quintin Boat Club. Dix followed this up with a strong display in the Junior singles event winning by 26 seconds.

The IM3 2x of Ben Townsend and Graham Wright won the IM3 2x.

Smith won MasA/B 1x by 7 seconds in real time, 10 seconds on the handicap over Star Club Callow.

Not to be outdone, the women’s squad put in strong performances from Sophie Connolly and Katie Sturgess, who won IM2 2x, IM3 2x and joining forces with Issy Drinkwater and Orla Holohan, won women’s IM3 4x. Drinkwater and Holohan were also a very close second in WJ 2x missing out by just 3 seconds and Holohan is just 15. Drinkwater had another close race coming 2nd in the WJ 1x. Connelly and Sturgess won all three races they were entered in.

The women’s masers squad with Naomi Ellis from Trentham put in strong performances winning WMas C/D 4 with Ellis, Liz Pulford, Angela Holohan and Sally Horrocks. Pulford and Horrocks also went on to win WMas D/E 2x. Not to be outdone Sarah Cochran won WMas B/C 1x.

Coach Howard Marsh said, “the whole squad have worked well over the winter and trained hard, it’s a tribute the work they have put in and shows that performances are going in the right direction. Bedford is always a difficult place to come and win, especially in these conditions, and it shows the strength that the squad have. Coming here and being the most successful club was a magnificent achievement, it was a good days racing”.

W IM2 2x Sophie Connolly
W IM2 2x Katie Sturgess
W IM3 2x Sophie Connolly
W IM3 2x Katie Sturgess
W MasC/D 4x Naomi Ellis
W MasC/D 4x Liz Pulford
W MasC/D 4x Angela Holohan
W MasC/D 4x Sally Horrocks
W MasD/E 2x Liz Pulford
W MasD/E 2x Sally Horrocks
W MasB/C 1x Sarah Cochrane