Lincoln Head

Plenty of wins for LRC at a rare sunny Lincoln Head....

NOV.4+  Will Manners, Owen Godwin, Ben Stephens, Ales Adamski, Caitlin Bloom (cox) 
MasB.1x  Dave Smith
MasB.2x   Dave Smith, Graham Wright
IM3.2x    Gualter Graca, Ben Pickering
W.IM3.1x  Sophie Connolly
W.MasC/D.8+  Liz Pulford, Angela Holohan, Sally Horrocks with Peterborough, Nottingham and Cantabs, Orla Holohan (cox)
W.MasC/D.4+  Liz Pulford, Angela Holohan, Sally Horrocks with Hayley (Peterborough) coxed by Ilektra (Peterborough)