Leicester Regatta Documents

Sunday 23rd April 2017

We hope everyone enjoyed this years regatta in the sunshine and look forward to hosting the event again in 2018


Leicester Regatta 2017 Winners


Leicester Regatta Poster 2017

Regatta Draw

Due to the width of the canal the Regatta runs under a batch system. A batch of 6 to 10 races is held every 30 minutes with Competitors boating 30 minutes beforehand and marshalled above the finish line. After the previous batch has finished the crews then proceed up past the start, turn and are marshalled with their opposition. During the batch crews are started at roughly 2 minute intervals.

Leicester Regatta Batches 

Leicester Regatta Spiders 

Competitors Instructions

We ask that all competitors and coxes have read the following documents which covers all aspects of the course, batch system and safety.

Leicester Regatta Competitor Instructions

Masters Handicap Times

 Supporting Documentation

Welfare Plan

 Safety Plan

Risk Assessment