Cambridge Head
Results - 2011


All of our crews rowed extremely well and we had some great wins and a couple of second places (J17 4x- and J18 2x) losing by just by 0.7  and 0.8 seconds respectively. Each event was very competitive.


WJ15 4x+ Margot Chawner Molly Thompson Ola Cygan Sophie Allen Fiona JG (cox)

J14 4x+ Daniel Byrne Danny (Lou'boroug) Ben Whitaker Edward Ablett Oliver Talbot (cox)

WJ17 2x Georgia Mills Rosie Moulds

 J16 2x Will Ablett Guy (Loughborough)  

J13 2x Oliver Talbot Josh Sharman

J12 1x Adam Cygan

4x Style Award Maks Orzel David Ogg James Byrne  Will Ablett