Shrewsbury Regatta
Results - 2011


We took 16 juniors to Shrewsbury Sprint Regatta and 10 of them came home with a tankard.

The junior girls had a very good day winning WJ15 4x+, WJ13 4x+ and WJ15 1x.

Molly and Sophie in WJ15 2x also won their first round but lost in the final.

For the boys Ben in J14 1x won his first round but lost in the second round. Adam also won his first round in J12 1x but lost in the final.

The winning crews were:

WJ15 4x+ Margot Chawner Ola Cygan Molly Thompson Sophie Allen Edward Ablett

WJ13 4x+ Amy Lynch Jenny MJ Gemma Bacon Isobel Hammond Oliver Talbot (cox)

WJ15 1x Ola Cygan

Article from Leicester Mercury